Blue Vervian, also known as Verbena is harvested with love in the beautiful hills of Jamaica. Attractive plant with lavender-blue flowers, part of the mint family. Prepared in dried leaf form freshly chopped for serving portions. Vital for central nervous system (stress, alter moods, depression, insomnia). Iron, potassium, magnesium & zinc intake. It is excellent to produce perspiration, excellent in fevers, colds and cough by expelling mucus from lungs. Combats pneumonia, asthma,bronchitis and consumption. Helps to ease childbirth, cramps and fibroids. Increase breast milk production, sweating to remove toxins. Good for spiritual healing & growth.


Directions: Half a palm full (1 tablespoon) of loose herb with 16 oz of spring water. Steep for 10-15 mins (longer for desired potentcy). Strain & Sip Drink 8oz daily.

Blue Vervian