This package is designed to work as a intra cellular cleanse and revitalize the blood and cells to rejuvenate the system. Full detox.


4 step method. 2 week supply. Intructions included.


Items included in package:


HighGrade Royal Flush Moss gel: assist in detoxicification and high trace in minerals.


Conquest tea blend: helps with removing excess mucus & toxins from immune, respiratory, pancreas and lympathic system. 


Ital Vital: assist in cleansing and purifying the blood. regulate immune system and energy levels. Great for detoxicifying. Inflammation relief. High trace in Iron. 


Traffic Jam: Vital for cleansing and supporting the entire gut, digestive tract and urinary tract. 


Only organic herbs participated in this package. Package is suitable for the medium shipping box.

Celf Love Cleanse Package


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